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The Hyper team consists of motivated, tech and business oriented members.

We have been actively contributing to the Elastos ecosystem for a long period and will continue to do so.

Beside code contributions to the Elastos repositories, our two main products relying on Elastos components are the Hyper Messenger ( https://hyper.im ) and the HyperConnect IoT Framework ( https://hyperconnect.io/ ).

Our third product, MySmartHome, a peer-to-peer Smart Home solution with high-end hardware and slick design is coming end of the year 2019.

See roadmap for current month


  • Supernode Name: Hyper

  • Location: Vienna, Austria

  • Public Key: 033f0be09872867ded73550abfe7d9def04ed856642236e17f443683f154d76a7c

  • 50% of rewards distributed to voters

  • 20% of rewards distributed to HyperConnect contributors

  • 30% of the rewards are reinvested into Hyper development and marketing

  • Payouts are sent weekly on Sunday

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Our Roadmap

October 2018

  • Elastos Carrier Native SDK commits

  • Elastos Carrier Native documentation update

  • Elastos Carrier Android documentation update

  • Elastos Carrier Native code fixes

November 2018

  • Creation of the Elastos Carrier Java SDK

  • Elastos Carrier Native SDK commits

  • Elastos Carrier Android SDK commits

December 2018

  • Elastos Carrier Java SDK commits

  • MySmartHome MVP development with Elastos Carrier

  • Hyper Messenger (hyper.im) development started

  • Elastos Carrier Native SDK fixes

January 2019

  • Hyper Messenger (hyper.im) initial release for Android

  • Hyper Messenger (hyper.im) website release

  • Elastos Carrier Native SDK commits

  • HyperConnect IoT Framework feedback cycle with Elastos and CyberRepublic

February 2019

  • HyperConnect IoT Framework WhitePaper release

  • HyperConnect Suggestion / Proposal on CyberRepublic

  • Hyper Messenger Android updates

March 2019

  • Hyper Messenger Android updates

  • Hyper Messenger iOS development started

  • HyperConnect Edge Client development started

  • HyperConnect feedback cycle with Elastos and CyberRepublic

April 2019

  • Hyper Messenger iOS initial release

  • Hyper Messenger Android updates

  • HyperConnect Edge Client development

  • HyperConnect website development with Jekyll framework

  • HyperConnect documentation and website development with MkDocs framework

  • HyperConnect Edge Connect documentation release

May 2019

  • HyperConnect Edge Client release on CyberRepublic GitHub

  • HyperConnect Remote Controller development started

  • HyperConnect Edge Connect documentation update

  • HyperConnect Edge Connect tutorials released

June 2019

  • HyperConnect Remote Controller (Android) released on CyberRepublic GitHub

  • HyperConnect Remote Controller documentation released

  • HyperConnect Edge Client updated

  • HyperConnect Edge Connect documentation updated

  • Attend Swiss Blockchain Hackathon – Won 1st Place in the Supply Chain Vertical!

  • Begin integration of file sharing for iOS version

  • Begin Elephant Wallet integration development

July 2019

  • Start Elephant Wallet integration for Hyper Messenger

  • First stable version release for HyperConnect: Edge Client + Remote Controller for Android

  • Update HyperConnect documentation

  • Release new tutorials for HyperConnect

  • Create marketing plan for HyperConnect and Hyper Messenger

  • Release iOS version of HyperConnect Remote Controller

  • Invite developers and testers to HyperConnect

  • Release offline messaging for Android and iOS versions of Hyper Messenger (moved from June to July, waiting on Carrier adjustment)

August 2019

  • Hyper Messenger UI update

  • HyperConnect iOS, Android, Edge Client update

  • HyperConnect Documentation Update

  • HyperConnect Website update

  • Attend Blockchain / IoT conferences – Meeting with GS1 Switzerland

  • Invite more developers and testers for HyperConnect

September 2019

  • Marketing for HyperConnect and Hyper Messenger

  • Hyper Messenger Live Calls

  • Hyper Messenger Offline Messages

  • Hyper Messenger Background Process Optimization

  • HyperConnect Code Improvements

  • Hyper Messenger Elephant Wallet integration

  • Hyper Messenger Offline Groups testing

October 2019

  • Build POC with industrial customers using HyperConnect

  • Focus on hardware security

  • Release tutorials on IoT blogs (guest posts)

  • Explore Machine Learning integration

  • Update Hyper Messenger iOS UI, file sharing

  • Marketing for HyperConnect and Hyper Messenger